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Music Theory Class

Music Theory

Cathy offers one-to-one lessons in music theory either in person or online. She is happy to work towards graded exams for any board, or to teach harmony and composition to students preparing for A level or music college/university entry.

She was a music theory fan as a child, gaining her grade 8 theory in year 11, and believes that the theory of music as an academic discipline is an outstanding foundation for all musical learning. Cathy has trained as an ABRSM theory examiner.

Cathy has many years' experience as a classroom teacher, and is used to working with all levels of ability and most additional learning needs.

Cathy is fully trained in child safeguarding and is a member of the Incorporated Society of Musicians.

To enquire about music theory lessons, please use the Contact page.


Alex, 14 year old pupil

Cathy is an encouraging and supportive teacher who has helped me immensely with my grade 5 music theory preparation. Even though my lessons were online, I felt fully included in the lessons and the interactions and explanations really helped.

Joe, 12 year old pupil

I enjoyed my theory lessons because I felt included when I was giving my answers and wasn't discouraged if I got them wrong.

Sophia, 15 year old pupil

Cathy made the lessons fun which helped me to remember everything. She didn't spend  too long on one thing, so I could choose what to work on outside of lessons.

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